Who Is “Little Gao”?



First and foremost, thank you for stopping by my blog and for taking the time to read this specific post. I see that you are interested in learning about my identity. But unfortunately, due to my own personal concerns, I will not be disclosing my name and location for privacy reasons. (My apologies, in advance.) However, I do not mind sharing a little about me.


I am a Hmong-American woman who is 22 years old. Most will not believe I am of that age because of my physical appearance: standing almost 4′ 11″ with a very, very petite body build. I promise you that I am of that age. I’d show you my birth certificate, but as stated earlier, your girl is not trying to give herself a name yet… literally. I was born in the United States to a decently sized family; and, might I mention, I am the first born child in my family. Therefore, being a Hmong-American woman who is the oldest in her family, you can guarantee that there is a hell of a lot of responsibility and pressure given to me. Aside from being a 22 year old Hmong-American woman who is the oldest child in her family, I have hobbies too. 😉


If you went to school with me, you will know that I have always had a passion for art, specifically drawing. I remember in grade school, my art teacher(s) would always ask if they could keep my artwork as an example for future classes. Of course I would always let them because it made me really proud to know that my art teacher(s) really appreciated my hard work. Unfortunately, come high school, it was not exactly like that. I came across many “opponents” you could say from other nearby middle schools who transferred to my high school who had seemed to have way more experience with drawing than I ever did in my lifetime; therefore, during high school, I kind of gave up on my passion for drawing. Now a days, in my early twenties, I have discovered a new passion: photography. I’ve only had my Canon DSLR camera for about two years, but I only just started putting it to use less than a year ago. I started off by capturing images of individuals, then slowly and gradually I started to capture groups of people (ie: friends or families). Even to this day, I am still capturing memories for individuals and families/friends. I love photography, and with it, I have learned to have patience. Patience is a virtue, and I stand by that 110%. Throughout my life, I will admit, I was not a very patient person, but by starting a freelance business for photography, I have grown a lot of patience to apply in my everyday life. All the times my “clients” were late, and all the times I was “bailed”, you can bet that my patience has increased a lot. But to not make this a super long “about me” post, I once had a passion for drawing, but I have a passion for photography now.


Moving on, my reason for creating this blog is to share some of my most intimate and personal reflections from my life. As much as I would love to openly have conversations about my personal life with my friends and family members, I am just not comfortable to be open about those certain topics yet. But by starting this blog, it will help me learn how to open up myself more to those in my life, and maybe help me get rid of my fear to sharing certain areas of my life without feeling judged.


Also, for making it this far– please read my next blog post, as it will be an attention grabber for you to stay around.


I guess that is all that I will share about me for now. Maybe one day I can share my real identity with you.


-Little Gao


PS: “Gao” is not my real name, but it is a feminine word within the Hmong language for a woman. So please do not think that is my name. It is just a “pen” name. Also, because I am little, that is the reason behind my blog name: Little Gao 🙂